Slate Tiles for That Innovative Edge

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Even though slate tiles are not as much hyped as other materials but this usually gray colored rock primarily popular for its aesthetic and versatile appeal. This sturdy material can effectively replace wood when it comes to flooring. Slate is formed under conditions of high pressure and temperature when the particles of silt and clay come together to form this smooth stone which resembles a lot with plastic laminate. Many other flooring materials cannot seek the same sophistication and ambience that this grey stone offers in the form of a flooring material coupled with durability, strength and smoothness. The internal structure of slate is highly compact and therefore slate has many advantages that no other flooring material can offer.

Slate tiles come in four basic varieties depending upon the finish these include clefted tiles, honed tiles, brushed tiles and polished slate tiles. Usually put to use in excessively used and exposed spaces like hallways, porches, kitchens and bathrooms, slate tiles are moisture, slip and stain resistant. It can also be easily cleaned and maintained and it is for this reason that the stone is allergen and bacteria resistant helping maintain a cleaner space. Comparing slate to other flooring materials like marble and granite, it is altogether a lot more affordable and has a surface tone and texture which is distinct in itself. Not only is slate easy to maintain but it is also very easy to install.

Since it is a natural product of stone hence this makes it even eco friendly. Slate can be used both outside and inside the space. They are also cut in a variety of shapes and sizes to effectively fit into any space. Other benefits include the color of slate which is usually dark and hence is prone to getting less dirty. Durability is the key reason that these tiles are installed in places which face the maximum exposure and traffic.

Slate tiles are also heat resistant and can be used in open spaces which are directly exposed to the sun so that they do not get heated. Replacing these tiles can also be very simple as they are not similar in color and design and hence any replacement slate tile can work well. The only disadvantage that slate tiles entail is that they fade if they are not sealed against water. Once they are sealed these slate tiles can be used against the harshest of conditions without a care. Apart from flooring slate tiles are also used on walls, ceiling, roofs, and also as kitchen backsplashes.

Slate flooring stands out because of its layered patterns and distinctive designs and hence is thorough favorite of those who wish to add a touch of innovativeness and creativity into the mundane spaces.

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Slate Tiles for That Innovative Edge

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This article was published on 2010/11/13