Slate Paving Slabs Best For The Interiors.

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For centuries the slate is used as a building stone. It has a laminar nature, makes it easier for work and cleave, rendering it a famous option for walling, roofing and paving, as well. Though, stone is heavy and similar is the slate, hence walling stone or hauling paving around the world, in the days did not make more sense before nationwide transport system and a motor vehicle consequently, it was just thin cut slates added value for roofing that was worth transporting for any distance significantly. Hence, despite all such benefits, use of slate as a paving material has been limited to its instant location.


Slate is metamorphic rock that is finely-grained that can be split into smooth, thin-layered layer, hence forming important material for building. Slate flatstones and slate floor tiles are suitable for Interior and Exterior applications like roofing, cladding, flooring, etc. Slate flat stones are also known as flagstones, grey slates, flags, slats, flat stones, thick stones, tile stones and stone tiles.

For people searching for a more aged appearance, some suppliers also sell the slate paving slabs. They are ideal pavers and are made in the usual way, and then kept into a big tumbling drum, same as done with an empty concrete mixer, the pavers are being turned over again and again and bash against sides of the drum, against each other and knock off the corner of the blocks and the edges, leaving it with a distressed looks. This all extra work done with it increases the cost of the slate paving slab per square metre, it gives a more charming look with the finished effect.


When slate is combined with other materials it emphasizes the attractiveness and quality of both. The neutral, dark shades of the slate emphasize the warm color of the quartzes and feldspars in the granite. From all over the world, paving stone is finding it way. Many slates that are sold from China to be used for paving enormously vary in quality, hence one need to be very careful while purchasing the slate. Few of the products of the slate sold that suits the best for the pavement or patio construction are actually slate floor tiles, slate flatstones, which do not suit the soggy climate of British/Irish and will mostly delaminate with first frost. Hence, when using the imported slate makes sure that it can be used externally.

Similar to other stone paving, slate paving is laid. Though, some slate paving is thin relatively (paving that has thickness of less than 30mm, is believed to be tile rather than slab/flag) most of the contractors find it easy to lay slate on a mortar bed. This makes sure that it completely supports the slab and once the mortar is set, it makes the load-bearing layer.
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Slate Paving Slabs Best For The Interiors.

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This article was published on 2010/11/03