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What are slate bathroom wall tiles? Do they come in one design? What colors do they come in? These are some of the common questions you might think about when you think about slate bathroom wall tiles.

What are slate bathroom wall tiles?

Slate tiles are ‘natural stone tiles’ these are sophisticated tiles and hence they are called as slate bathroom wall tiles. If you would notice in many sophisticated homes, people prefer to use slate bathroom wall tiles to give a ‘rich and exuberant look’ to their bathroom.

Do they come in one design?

Bathroom slate wall tiles do not come in one design they come in 7,000 different designs. Slate tiles are very uniquely designed along with color and structure variations. It depends on you to choose one of the several designs that suits best for your bathroom.

What colors do they come in?

Slate tiles come in various colors as; Tianbao slate dark color, Tainbao slate light color, Deoli Gold, Mahu multi color, Kund muti color, Silver green, Silver shine, Natural slate, Ardosia preta-grafite etc. The list for the colors is non-ending; the above colors are to give you a start to understand different colors available in slate tiles.

Uses of slate tiles

Slate bathroom wall tiles are usually recommended for their Aesthetic value, slip resistance and high durability.

Aesthetic value:

Aesthetic value of the slate bathroom wall tiles offer design and great variety of natural colors. Each slate bathroom wall tile is unique from the other and hence can make your bathroom look so different and natural. The designs of slate bathroom wall tiles give a very sophisticated and kingly look to the bathroom.

Slip resistance:

Slip resistance of the slate tiles could be preserved if the application of the slate finish is exact. Saying that there is no doubt that the slip resistance quality of the bathroom slate wall tile is different because of its rocky surface and unevenness throughout.

High Durability:

High durability of the slate tile lies in enduring the capacity of extreme hard wear. Sealers used for the bathroom slate wall tiles give designs and different patterns to the bathroom. Homeowners definitely choose slate tiles due to their durability and uniqueness of structure within the tiles.

Some of the drawbacks of slate tiles:

If the slate tiles are not sealed sufficiently then there is danger of slate tiles fading easily. It is important that slate tiles are used in places where they are not exposed to large amount of water. Sealers can be regularly used to maintain the durability of the slate tiles.

In conclusion, nonetheless, even with this drawback bathroom slate wall tiles create uniqueness and sophisticated look and so you can definitely take a risk with all the precautions if bathroom slate wall tiles are what you desire.

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Slate Bathroom Wall Tiles

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This article was published on 2010/12/08