Proper Maintenance Of Slate Roofing

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Slate roofing is one of the most difficult roofing systems to install. Aside from being heavy and slippery when wet, it is highly brittle, leaving little room for error during installation. Slate roofing is a composition of plates made of slate (hence the name) overlapped to form he outer surface of the roof. Slate is that it is naturally fire-proof, resistant to hail damage and has a good finished appearance, making it one of the most expensive roofing materials available.

There are several reasons why slate cracks and becomes permeable. Although slate itself has natural weak points, its the improper handling of the material that most likely causes it to break. Slate serves its purpose as a strong type of roof if installed properly, but during the installation wherein, the plates are to be installed one at a time, it must be handled carefully to keep it from developing cracks which could cause leaking later on.

There are houses and commercial buildings in places like Nebraska that still make use of slate roofing despite its sensitivity during installation. This is because slate has more benefits in a long time than limitations. The sheer weight of slate roofing allows it to withstand strong wind forces. It also has the longest roof lifespan, lasting up to 150 years despite a lower amount of maintenance.

Because Slate is hard, it is very brittle. The principle used in fastening a piece of slate is the same with fastening a picture frame on a wall. It must not be pounded too tightly to avoid pinching the slate tile. Experts in roofing Lincoln, Nebraska say that the pressure exerted by the nail on a slate tile can transfer to the overlapping tile, potentially causing damage to both.

Although slate is resistant to high temperature changes and moisture, the wooden layer underneath the tiles are not. Roofing Lincoln, NE houses require quality roof deck and ventilation. Moisture can trigger the wooden roof sheathing to expand and contract. These forces either push the roof outward or pull it inward, causing the slate to crack.

Professionals in the industry of roofing Lincoln, NE has recommend the use of copper nails and copper flashing in conjunction with the slates to prevent future damage on the slates. Copper is as durable as slate material. When combined together, they can create an outstanding roofing system with a very small chance of deterioration.
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Proper Maintenance Of Slate Roofing

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This article was published on 2011/01/14